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STEM Integrated With Career Connections And Life Skills
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Since 2011, we have been helping education entrepreneurs, teachers, and care providers bring career- and life-readiness skills into their communities. Our proven 4 Dimensional Learning Methodology combines STEM with practice of real life skills.
We can help you with your purpose in one of these 3 ways:
  • Franchise: In select markets globally, we may offer you the opportunity to become a STEM For Kids® franchisee. 
  • ​Enabled Services: We provide you turnkey training and resources so you can offer your community-based educational services as an independent operator. 
  • Curriculum Services: We provide you curriculum training, lessons plans and activities so you can bring hands-on STEM to your students at your school or center.
You are trained by STEM For Kids® experts in launching and operating your STEM educational services. Your training and support entails curriculum and as applicable, business consulting and resources. Launch and grow your services enabled by the trusted STEM For Kids® name. 
Get Started In Just 3 Simple Steps
Step 1
Tell us a little about your goals for your educational services / business.
Step 2
Speak with one of our experts for your free initial consultation.
Step 3
We will assess the best option for you and show you the way to start / grow your education business / service.
Here's What Franchisees And Educators Are Saying
"They understand that student engagement is key for success in learning. Their lessons and delivery cover the important STEM concepts and bring real world connections to students. With those concepts, they also encourage team work, collaborative learning and can individualize for the needs of the different learning styles. We have seen very positive teacher-student engagement and how it impacts our students' experiences in learning."
School Superintendent
Cheryl Lawson
"Many of the companies we found on different parts of the world, focused on robotics or just one area of STEM, and we were looking for a broader scope, with courses combining soft skills, and in-person training. We found STEM For Kids® and knew immediately this was the one.”
Management Consultant / Education Entrepreneur
Fernando Oria
"STEM For Kids®’ curriculum & delivery is ideal to provide children early opportunities for education in science & technology. The activities really make STEM – REAL & FUN through hands-on activities that illustrate deep engineering concepts."
Mechanical Engineer / Franchisee / Center Operator
 Lakshmi Gunuru
"[the curriculum] is authentic and it relates back to career choices that students can make... It's ready, you just get to have fun and you get to teach it without all of the planning..."
Certified STEAM Teacher
Ashton Crist
"  It's a tried and tested program ... disseminated to thousands and thousands of kids... and people want that and people are coming back for it. It's based on standard science curriculum. I don't have to go through all that by myself from scratch, as it will take decades to develop. "
Medical Science Liasion / Educator
 Dr. Tayo Fakunle
Here's The Media Acclaim & Brand Recognition
STEM For Kids® Ranked #173 on Entrepreneur Franchise 500 in 2021

“We know that 2020 was a challenging year for everyone, but it was also a year of unusual opportunity. Franchises like yours were able to be nimble and innovative, serving the needs of franchisees and customers in ways that will resonate for many years to come. We believe that, when we eventually look back on this time, we’ll see it as a moment when many brands defined themselves for the future.” 
Jason Feifer, Editor in Chief, Entrepreneur Magazine
The Most Affordable Franchises To Buy Post-Pandemic

"CIO Views has dedicated this issue... to the leading companies of the business who have written their success stories based on their innovative concepts of franchising.  Ergo, featuring as our cover story is the extraordinary journey of Moni Singh, Founder and CEO of STEM For Kids®, a leading education institute ... Under Moni's leadership, STEM For Kids® has grown and thrived in the franchising industry and has secured a significant position in the education field.”
Mousmi Naidu, Managing Editor, CIO Views Magazine
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Do you want us to help you start or level up your STEM educational service and finally create the impact you have always wanted with our proven 4-Dimensional STEM and without the hassle of continuously researching and writing lessons for the fast-changing STEM industry?
Frequently Asked Questions
What do I get with the STEM curriculum?
We have a comprehensive array of courses uniquely designed to engage young children and to make STEM fun and real for them. Our curricula covers topics in engineering (mechanical, civil, aerospace, environmental, bio-medicine, sustainability), computer programming (multiple levels and various coding including HTML, Java, Python, from beginner level drag-and-drop programming to coding) and innovation (includes robotics and automation, applied programming through computer game making, artificial intelligence and app development, entrepreneurship and financial savviness). You get training and access to a specific set of courses (based upon our mutual agreement), with self-paced training, automatic access to any course enhancements, and Q&A with expert STEM Coaches.  You get:
  • Interdisciplinary Course: For each theme, you receive course content and self-paced online training.
  • 4 Dimensional Instruction: You get training on how to bring core thematic concept to life for children while helping them see real-world career connection, cross-cutting concepts and practicing the 4C life and social skills of critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity. 
  • ​Training & Digital Access Anytime: Get trained whenever the time permits or inspiration strikes!
  • ​Mindset Training: Our special mindset training to help your growth as a STEM educator.
  • Ongoing Support: We are just a post away in case you have any questions. 
If I start now, in about how much time will I be ready to start offering classes to my students?
Great question! You don't miss a beat and go straight to the most important question. The curriculum content and training is built to be ready-to-use and actionable. So is our business training.  You can start offering programs within 2-3 weeks from your initial training. Individual results vary as it comes down to your drive, willingness and agility in getting things done. 
What is the age range of students most suited for STEM For Kids® programs?
Each course can be applied across multiple grade levels (from K-8) or from ages 4 - 14. The applicability depends upon the course, your market conditions, children's aptitude and exposure to the topics covered. We will cover these aspects in your training.
How does the training work? Do I need to travel?
After we mutually agree to work together,  we will schedule you for your initial training. There will be parts of the initial training that you will do live with our expert (s) via video conferencing. Other parts of the training will be online, self-paced, available at your finger tips virtual training. If you require on-site in-person training for you and your staff, that can be organized at an additional cost. Most operators have started and maintained their businesses without the need for in-person training.  
How do STEM educational providers make money using the STEM For Kids® 4D STEM?
The providers utilize our innovatively curated STEM / STEAM curriculum and our business training to offer a variety of programs in their market.  We show you how to implement different formats during your training. For example, you can offer:
* A STEM Class during the school day (typically once a week per child)
* A STEM Afterschool class (typically once a week per child)
* Weekend class
* Summer or winter break camps
* Special holidays or birthday programs
What training and support will I receive as part of launching my independent children services business?
* You will receive the initial training to get started with your STEM educational services business. 
* Right after the initial training, you are provided "hand-holding" for the launch phase. During this time, you are paired with one of our experts and they coach you on a regular basis through your launch milestones. 
* Your receive ongoing access to business processes, checklists, tools, tutorials and resources.
* You get trained on how to grow and sustain your business. 
* You and your teaching staff get training on our proven 4-dimensional instructional method and specific themed curricula.
* Ongoing access to our proprietary lesson plans, activities, children handouts and resources.
* Ongoing training and support on curriculum and courses.
Who pays for the STEM camps, classes and afterschool programs I offer?
Using STEM For Kids® curriculum, you can offer your programs as B2C (your business to consumers, or parents) and B2B (your business to other businesses or schools or organizations).  For B2C programs, you get paid directly by the parents or caregivers of the children who participate in the program. For B2B program, you may be paid by the organization that you are working with. In your training, we cover both these aspects of your business and provide you the business know-how of how to implement these in your market.
If I am offered a franchise, what are the terms of the franchise agreement?
If we decide to offer you a STEM For Kids® franchise, we will provide you with the contract for your review for a full disclosure and to keep the process transparent. Here are some salient points:
* Initial Franchise Fees: $39,500
* Royalty: 7% (subject to monthly minimum)
* Contract Term: 10 years
* Territory: you receive a protected territory that is mutually agreed upon
About STEM For Kids®
On a hot Raleigh summer day, a mom and her two children, ages 5 and 6, began “engineering fun with math and science” making paper bridges. Their first design couldn’t even hold one pencil. As they kept working on it, they came to a design where that same single piece of paper could now hold 20 pencils and it was still holding strong! 

This mom is the first female engineer in her community. In her quest to solve global challenges, she has been contributing to design, manufacturing and sales of wireless, satellite and internet technologies in corporate America. 

Inspired by the big sparkles in her children's eyes, as they made a meaningful connection with learning, the mom decides to immerse in the mission to bring the excitement of science and engineering careers to children. 

Moni Singh, aka Ms. STEM, developed STEM For Kids®, an educational system, that for over a decade has been enabling entrepreneurs, teachers and educators globally to bring fresh multi-dimensional STEM curriculum into their classrooms. 

Now with over 1500 hours of STEM activity plans in various themes covering engineering (aerospace, civil, mechanical, environmental, bio-medicine), technology (coding, robots, Artificial Intelligence, Internet Of Things), business and social emotional learning, educators, parents and students have a lot to get excited about. 

STEM For Kids®, ranked #173 on the highly coveted Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 list. With a growing network of STEM For Kids® operators, educators, and franchisees, we have impacted various communities in over 6 countries. Add your community now!
* The presented information is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy a franchise. It is for informational purposes only. An offer is made only by a Franchise Disclosure Document upon compliance with requirements in your state or country of residence or target franchise location. Within the United States, following states regulate the offer and sale of franchises: California, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.
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