Get A Multi-Year, Multi-Curricula Pathway Curated To Provide An Integrated Multi-Disciplinary Experience For Your Students.  
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Available Curriculum Pathways

You will start with one of these curriculum pathways.

Time Travel: Builder's Adventure

Foundations Of Biomedical Engineering

Programming: App Development

Coding And Smart Devices

  [the curriculum] is authentic and it relates back to career choices that students can make... It's ready, you just get to have fun and you get to teach it without all of the planning... 
- Ashton Crist, Certified STEAM Teacher

  It's a tried and tested program ... disseminated to thousands and thousands of kids... and people want that and people are coming back for it. It's based on standard science curriculum. I don't have to go through all that by myself from scratch, as it will take decades to develop. 
- Dr. Tayo Fakunle, Medical Science Liasion

Frequently Asked Questions
How many classes can we conduct using one curriculum pathway?
Our pathways cover about 150 hours of instruction! The number of class sessions that you can conduct will depend on the duration of each session. Typically, there is enough content to run a multi-year progression for your students. To give you an idea, a typical offering is an afterschool program that you can provide once a week for an entire school year. That afterschool program will use about 35-40 hours of instructional content during the school year. 
Can we offer classes as online, in-person or hybrid?
Yes, our curriculum pathway will allow you to do this.  The mode of delivery is up to your discretion. As a school, school district, educational entity, you make the decision that's best for you on doing online classes, in-person classes or blended classes for your students. In our training (which is done online), we will show you how.  
How does the curriculum training work?
We will start your staff off with a live on-boarding conference. Afterwards, you / your staff will go through self-paced virtual training. Typically, educators spend about 6 or more hours in training each month. We recommend that when you take the virtual training, plan to get hands-on - pause the training and follow-along the content doing it by yourself. As you complete and progress through course work, additional course content and training is regularly released. There are about 72 training sessions for each pathway. Educators complete the full pathway training in about a year. The great thing is that the training and content is modularized, ready to use and actionable. You don't need to complete the full pathway training before starting your classes with students. So, you just need to be about 2 -4 sessions ahead in your training. As you train, you can start offering your classes to students using the content that you have already been trained on. Based on our experience, this model creates the most immersive training experience for you. Because, the proof of the training is in application and you can do these simultaneously. Whenever, you have questions, post in the designated group to connect with an expert live. 
What types of classes can we offer?
The curriculum is modularized and allows for many different classes or delivery formats. We show you how to implement different formats during the training. For example, you can offer:
*  A STEM Class during the school day (typically once a week per child)
* A STEM Afterschool class (typically once a week per child)
* Weekend Class
* Winter / summer break camps
What is the age range of students most suited for the pathway?
Each pathway can be applied across multiple grade levels (from K-8) and the specific age ranges are specified in the detailed videos above. The applicability depends upon your pathway selection, children's aptitude and exposure to the topics covered. 
If we start now, in about how much time will we be ready to start offering classes to our students?
Great question! You don't miss a beat and go straight to the most important question. The curriculum content and training is built to be ready-to-use and actionable. There are about 72 training sessions in each pathway. You and your staff just need to stay about 2 - 4 training sessions ahead of your children's class. Typically, after you complete about 4 - 8 virtual training sessions, you can begin conducting your classes with your students! 
What do we get with the purchase?
The subscription provides you ongoing access to the course content, regular self-paced virtual training and support with experts.  You get:
  • Interdisciplinary Curriculum Pathway: For your chosen pathway, you receive course content and regular self-paced virtual training.
  • 4 Dimensional Methodology: You get training on our unique 4-dimensional learning methodology. 
  • ​Training & Digital Access Anytime: Get trained whenever the time permits or inspiration strikes! New course materials are released regularly as you progress through the course work.
  • ​Mindset Training: Our special mindset training to help your growth as a STEM educator.
  • Ongoing Support: We are just a post away in case you have any questions. 
How can I get a subscription covering additional teachers at my school or organization?
Awesome! We can add additional teachers for your group of instructors at the same geographic location. Please email
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